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Originally Posted by roan View Post
The staff already got the basic outline of the plot from the author for up to volume 10, which is where they intend to finish it. It won't be completely the same (then again, nothing has been), but the general flow should be.
Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Well.... that's what i call a decent reference (though the speaker name and/or a website linkage would be even better).
Here's an exceptionally arm-waving rendition (I won't call it a translation).

At the current pace, we are running into parts not yet written.
But we have the plot outline from Takemiya, we write from that. Though it may be different (in detail) and not a perfect match, it should flow the same.
Takemiya is putting enormous perseverance into the work.
(last part is crubby... um something like) we must work hard also (????)

Whee, yes that was terrible --- someone else can take a turn and be more precise. I so fail without my dictionaries.
Originally Posted by roan View Post
Speaker name would be the main script writer and person in charge of series composition, Okada Mari. Source would be the mook below (it's a magazine, so of course they won't have the interview on the website).

The top sentence would (or should be, I don't have the mook) be the question that the interviewer asked btw.
All I can say to this is FUCK YEAH.


OP2 is still awesome. God I can't wait for subs.

For an actual contribution to the discussion, does anyone know if this arc is going to be 2 episodes or 3?
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