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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Also, I agree with the AP community in thinking that Shiryuu resembles M.Bison from the Street Fighter series. It would be so awesome if he actualy has the catchphrase of "Yes...... YES!"
To the Vega/M.Bison discussion, this is what I posted in AP.

Guys, Vega (M.Bison) is a parody of Majin Kato from Teito Monogatari (帝都物語), a novel series from the mid 80s to begin with.

The novel was so popular, there were multiple manga adaptations, three live action movies, and even an anime OVA series.
Any similarity to Vega/M.Bison should be considered possible homage to Teito Monogatari, especially considering Oda's fondness of making homages to classic films and series.
Remember Borsalino? Aokiji? Heck, the current arc's Ivankov?
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