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At this point I would gladly support a Raiden based game over having to hear David Hayter's generic gruff delivery (honestly has there ever been a more overglorified voice actor for such a generic one note role?) and Snake's whole overwrought routine once again. If Snake is supposed to be dead or dying, please leave it that way. Though honestly I wonder why they can't just end the franchise. I mean yeah I know money and all, but if it's going to continue the way it's going they might as well just make it into a movie. And you know what, I'd probably go see it, because Metal Gear would almost certainly make for a great movie as opposed to the "game" they are trying to sell it as and that seems to be what Kojima wants anyway. I mean the whole bonus discs with the cutscenes reintegrated into one long movie should be a tipoff as to his true wishes.

Though one thing.....whoever writes the dialogue for these games needs to be replaced now as it's just gotten so utterly pretentious and nonsensical it makes me want to weep.

In case people didn't pick up on it, yeah I'm really off the Metal Gear franchise at the moment. Loved Twin Snakes and found Sons of Liberty decent, but it's really in need of a reboot in the worst way now.
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