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Originally Posted by Nerroth View Post
When I first heard about this manga, I was hoping that it would have something to do with Leifr Eiríksson's voyages across the North Atlantic - most notably to 'Vinland' (which many argue is the area in and around the archaeological site at L'Anse aux Meadows, on the island of Newfoundland).

It's kind of a surprise to hear it's about young Cnut instead, though.

However, has there been any hints at the Vinland expedition in the story so far?
Your hopes will probably be answered. Everything up to about chapter 55 was the prologue just to install Cnut to the Danish throne. After this, it should be mostly Thorfinn and his journey to Vinland.

Spoiler for Prologue:

Originally Posted by gencbiba View Post
Didn't they talk about "Vinland" during the flashback of Thorfinn's life?...

I hope they don't decide to do that though. I'd rather read a completely false story of Thorfinn growing up to own everything in his path. That would be more interesting.
That's Leif Eriksson's voyage. Thorfinn Karlsefni later made another, more permanent settlement (Wikipedia's source says his group stayed for three years, as opposed to Eriksson, who stayed for only one winter). The historical Thorfinn had a child there, supposedly the first European child born in the New World.

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