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Originally Posted by Benoit View Post

Nonsense. They've redeemed Sonic with Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed. Really, you have to look at what Sega's teams other than Sonic Team produce. For example, anything by OverWorks like Valkyria Chronicles and 7th Dragon is pure gold.
Actually Sonic Unleashed and Secret Rings were merely par and playable for a change, which came as a shock to a lot of people admittedly. Nothing really made them standout games in any way, but people were happy to at least see competent programming and an absence of near constant gamebreaking glitches and hoped it was the start of a new trend with which to build on for the next game. Then unfortunately they dove right back into the junkpile with the abomination known as Sonic and The Black Knight, which defines the term lack of polish and will last the average player about 2 hours on a straight playthrough. Also since being merged with Sega WOW Overworks has gone on to be largely inconsistant in terms of quality with crap like Project Altered Beast and Nightshade. I think redemption is a long way off for this company until they can find their footing and stick the landing. If that day ever comes......

In any case Sega is only doing the publishing while it's up to Tri-Ace to do the actual game design for End of Eternity. That doesn't really fill me with much confidence, but at the same time I'm not really worried because I had no real plans to pick up this game to begin with.
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