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Originally Posted by Cephei Mordred View Post
Betteroffer: It was just something felt 'clumsy' about the scene, more than anything.

Like, if the scene was face value for Bismark, while I suppose he is the sort of man to easily forgive a comrade over a mistake, he acted like nothing had happened at all after Anya backed down.
Well, they were in the midst of an apparent coup by some of the royal guard, the people who among all others should have been the most loyal soldiers in the empire. Bismarck was likely more relieved that one of the most powerful soldiers on the battlefield at the time had just shown herself to still be on his side. His priority was stopping any threats to Charles and Ragnarok, and stopping to lecture Anya in the middle of a battle is foolish by anyone's standards.

Originally Posted by Cephei Mordred View Post
But then, if he knew it was Marianne, couldn't we have had heard his thoughts to that effect? Something like "She's must be that time now." Since it was implied that Bismark at least had cursory knowledge of Charles' plan?
Apparently he didn't know about Marianne though. I agree it seems rather stupid that he would be made aware of Ragnarok and such, but not her, as it could create problematic situations, but this was by no means the only incident of "clumsy" writing in the story.

Originally Posted by Cephei Mordred View Post
And if he didn't know it was Marianne, then at the very least he should have questioned why Anya would be actually showing any sort of emotion at all.
Just because someone is a stoic doesn't mean they are devoid of emotion and Anya has shown such at previous points in the series. People as a rule take betrayal poorly, and her showing anger at the idea that Bismarck had done so "proved" that she was still on his side.

I agree though, that the scene as a whole was unecessary, as they could have just said that Bismarck knew about Marianne and allowed her to pass. My guess is that they wanted to show Marianne doing at least something crafty to show that she wasn't just all Informed Ability before killing her off.
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