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Originally Posted by I_am_Kami View Post
Is it a mistranlsation in V.17 for 0th Parish?
No, it's pretty close. The original term used is 第零聖堂区 , "The n0 church section" (from the English Church). I think that this isn't the first time that such definition pops up.

Originally Posted by faiz blaster View Post
And Misaka doesn't count because the two had many fights in the past (at least a month's worth) and he always came out unharmed. That is enough to give anyone a sense of superiority. On another hand, I remember reading somewhere that Misaka is afraid of fighting seriously against Touma because of that same reason.
It's more like Misaka never has gone all out on a person for fear of harming them. In Railgun we had the interesting point on were when Misaka could have gone all out on Kamijou for real but had second thoughts on it due to the fear that Kamijou might also go all out on her and she can't just predict what his ability can really do (and do to her).
From her own words Misaka has only gone all out on Kami-yan once (I think), and that's the start of the 1st novel when she pointed it out and then blacked out Academy City. She stated that she was going to go all out again in novel 3 but Touma pointed out that she held back for his sake (so that he survives), a fact which also puts into doubt that "all out" from the first novel.
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