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Just watched it in the local cinema, to a full-house I might add.

I should say it is definitely one of the most satisfying Anime to live movie adaptation that I had ever seen.

The film is really fun to watch and would generally pleased most fans of the series which the producers of the film seems to had taken into account when they're making it. The characters all seems to have jumped out the page manga pages into the silver screen with such authenticity that one find it too uncanny. Even to those who are not familiar to the original anime/manga will find the film a joy to watch and the characters endearing.

The sword fight is totally spectacular,one of the best I've seen. The fight choreography is brilliantly inspired. not mind-numbing or gruesome like most recent samurai films tends to be like the 13 assassins. It was deftly played with the movements flowing out naturally in order to heighten the tension of the action without being too mechanically worked upon.

The script expertly delves upon the basic essential of the early story of the series, focusing on the characterization of kenshin in the new world that he's in and forces that shapes him and the people he's with now. Keeping it within a story bound that will not confuse first time viewers from the vast intricate plot of the manga. Hopefully those can dealt in future sequels.

This is probably the closest to realism that an anime live-action film can be without looking like a super sentai show, yet delivers all the bells and whistles we love from the original anime series. The story, the adventure, the super human-fantasy that's firmly well grounded.
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