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*roar* *grr* *foams at mouth*
I gave the cds with air on 'em to a friend, and now all of you have got me wanting to watch it again. *evil eye* *ROAR*

In order to be somewhat productive:
Anyone know what significance feathers have in Japanese myth, etc.?
Is the girl in the sky story based on existing Japanese folklore?
What would be the easiest way of getting the game (I take it it is for the ps2...?) I suppose I'd like the not-hgame, since I'd like to keep the innocent image I have of the girls glued in my head?
Does the game's story augment, set up, match, the movie/ series?
Anyone know of a way to d/l the manga? (I'm not sure how this fits in to the fansubbing thing, so feel free to reprimand me if I am at fault for asking)
Also, 1000th summer? I'm almost positive this should have been asked and answered already, but still wanting to know.

Sorry if I repeated things that were previously asked and if my questions really don't warrant an answer, but I feel that this would be the best place to get these questions answer. *scratches head*

Anyways, thank you in advance.

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