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I think Maria stays with the cousins the whole time, though. I don't really like the idea that there is an extra letter that is never mentioned that happens to have the key. Also, since Beatrice told Maria not to open it, then there's no way she would have to get any instructions.

Either way, Rosa is still suspicious for saying she met Beatrice and not revealing her own letter.

Also, I've been replaying game 3 (I'm taking super-detailed notes and have finished 1 and 2 already) and I have to point this out as people were talking about Genji's eyesight and I find it hilarious. In game 3, the servants all go to Kinzo's room for the 1st twilight where they meet Beatrice. Genji discerns Ronove before anyone else can see him and greets him. Then the narrator says "However, the darkness answered immediately and praised Genji's eyesight.."

Haha. It is fantasy, but still it is funny.
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