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Originally Posted by Xapheron View Post
IMO, Rosa probably didn't start the murders. She probably jumped on the bandwagon and decided to use it to take everything now that nobody was in the way. She probably figured out Kinzo was dead halfway through and cornered the servants into writing a will to benefit her. She doesn't know who the culprit is though so she closes herself in with the people least likely to be the ones - Battler, George, Nanjo (not really). Then she finds a way to send Nanjo out under the pretense of asking him to keep an eye on the servants as Nanjo can't be trusted either as he hid Kinzo's death. Anyway, Nanjo almost always lives to the end, the purpose of that is probably to hide the culprit's death in the early twilights.
I don't think that Rosa is either the killer in EP2 or acting on her own. I doubt that anyone on the island has the chutzpah to take advantage of a serial murder that they have no hand in, although of course we can never really know anyone in this story. I think that in that episode Rosa accepted some kind of deal with the killer. She did say that she'd become a demon for her daughter's sake. In the other episodes Rosa probably turned the culprit down or wasn't given the chance - I think that either way the killer assumes that leaving Rosa alive will ruin their plans somehow (because she always dies early), and didn't really expect things to turn out as well as they did in that episode.
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