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FANTASTIC fic .. I'm @ 32/36 ch. now

VERY big though - 550k+ words

it's a billion trillion times better then canon, it has A REAL bloody WAR omg (^^), proper vasto lorde (remember the whole stronger then a captain deal ? want to see Primera live up to it's name ? new Segunda Etapas ?), conspiracies, betrayals and reasons for it, characterization, everything you ever wanted in Bleach .. everyone gets to do something

in terms of proper serious epic fics it's easily one of the very best I've ever read anywhere, much less just Bleach

P.S. has a little romance (basically just mentioned, but I dunno what'll happen in the end .. it's no big spoiler, so can name em here - Ichiruki & Byakuya/Yoruichi), but mostly it's plot and action

P.S.S. the Gin thing in the heading is probably because Gin gets a lot of 'screen-time' (for good reasons) and Rukia is because he spends a lot of time tormenting her (and she herself gets to do a lot as well .. in fact she's possibly the main character, but hard to say - everyone and their Grandma get to bathe in the spotlight) .. not even remotely Gin/Rukia shipping

canon up until the ~HM rescue arc (somewhat) .. the war itself is completely different
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