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Originally Posted by HoboGod
oh, fucking hell no~~~

i have to click on quick reply on somebody's post to quick relpy, that is so fucking inconvieniant! i mind as well click post reply! >_<

almost every button is too small, the text sizes are too small, the reply box in quick reply is too small, and the quote text is BORING.

i'm not in a ranting mood right now, but there are countless things i want back right now.
Yea I agree. I miss the quick reply box too. I basically just have to post a reply to get a message out now.

I also am having trouble with the signatures colors text. For some reason it doesnt work for me. Eventually I will figure it out.

Overall I dont mind the new board except for the fact that I had to re-register. Other than that I dont mind it (besides the few "server too busy" messages).
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