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The Chaos: I like the bg style, very cool 9/10
katiemirmo: Too much blue but is fine 8/10
JRendell: Nice halo sig but feels a bit empty or too dark at the left side 8/10
Haladflire65: Cool efects but the redish color doesn't convince me at all :/ 8/10
Drake: I really like this one, in my opinion, perfect in all ways 10/10
Chimitus: Cool sig, peacefull style 8/10
ganbaru: It's a good render but the pop uf efect seems a bit wasted with all the text. 6/10
CMHerrera: Funny sig 8/10
Aryu: I like the style of the sig a lot, who's the character? Will perhaps? 9/10
Knightrunner: Capture's work is really good 8/10
Arbiters: Hmmm... efects are way to simple 8/10
Chao Chi: It's a goo style but I'm afraid that those black borders with diferent proportions don't look very good 8/10
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