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Originally Posted by game2007 View Post
I bet Akainu grew lots of plants to absorb the tidal wave.

Nah, he'll reveal himself to be a sponge Zoan and will suck up all the water into his body instead, you mark my words.

All kidding aside, this is definitely an interesting time for Akainu to reveal his powers. This actually sorta reminds me of when Aokiji revealed his powers during the long island arc, when he was about to be attacked by a sea king. I always thought it was cool for new characters to reveal their powers at critical moments. I most certainly hope that Akainu doesn't disappoint.....

Anyway, I too am unsure about whether or not Whitebeard's fruit should be lumped into the Paramecia or Logia category. As already said, an earthquake is a natural occurrance, which would definitely make it a Logia, but this doesn't seem like the type of ability that can transform the user's body (is it even possible to turn into seismic waves?). I'm leaning towards it being a Paramecia power myself, since we already had psuedo-natural abilities in that category (like Mr. 3 with his wax and Magellan with his poison). But I guess we really just have to see him in action before we can really be sure about anything......
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