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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
Not sure Enel would be taken out so easly by WB's DF, given its hard to stop or outrun a tsunami but Enel is able to teleport over huge distances and has got one of the best long range attacks around. Only reason Enel was beat cause he had the worst luck possible really by running into his only real natural enemy.
When Robin said its a rumored invincible DF I think its pretty much that.

Well yeah, I guess he can avoid it depending on the range of the tsunami, but if we're talking about Logias who have the best chance of "outrunning" a wave, then it would undoubtedly be Kizaru (light>lightning in terms of speed). Also, I kinda doubt a huge ball of electricity will be enough to stop a raging wall of water, but whatever (I don't really like getting into debates about the "tiers" of DF powers, so I think I'll refrain from further hypothetical "X vs. Y" conversations for the time being)......

But as already said, Whitebeard definitely has an extremely destructive ability. I already mentioned that he can create active volcanoes with his power, but he can also cause avalanches, landslides, and just plain level any city or town that's in the range of his quakes. Sengoku's not kidding when he said that it's an ability that can destroy the world......
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