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Well with episode 5 it now throws out the biggest question out there about Kanade, aside from her humanity (which is sort of confirmed I guess):

What exactly is she fighting for?

I know we really don't know a lot about her right now but after the supports of her being an Angel gets diminished with every episode it pulls into question the reason she goes against the SSS despite being self-aware. It might actually simply be because she was the student council president, but perhaps she truly believes in trimming down and controlling the group? At the moment it would seem she wants to follow the rules of their world and exact those rules on anyone who rebels against it, but even then we're not exactly sure what those rules are besides being the usual rules in a school.

If she DOES truly believe in what she is doing, by being a enforcer of sorts, then it goes to prove that not everyone who becomes self-aware "rebels" against the system, so to speak. Perhaps she really believes that the system works or is "right" while Yuri is "wrong" which of course leads to a tricky gray area of sorts. It might be that her successor as president might also be self-aware and share some similarities with her.

What's interesting now is what she chooses to do as a regular student.
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