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Don't know where to place this but guess this is the closest

Ok I played the 1st Game and sort of quartered my way through the 2nd game on PSP
After watching the Anime , my emotions have been high and low towards it

1stly , Faldio you need to Fxck off dude , Alicia belongs to Welkin
2ndly , Welkin, Alicias spreading her legs for you , TAKE IT seriously , you fxcked up once with your university friend.. dont screw it up with a Valkyrian babe

I needed to vent that.. now as for the Animes story..
I was dissapointed where it went after the Naggiar plains part BUT no matter how dissapointing it was , this path is more realistic , if the higher heads found out about that stuff , No shxt she'd be tested on ASAP for winning this war , therefore the Anime has its Justice points , but I would've prefered the original PS3 game story and MORE Development with Alicia and Welkin
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