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Ain't it also the reason why Yuji merged with SoF in the first place? I think I remember something about Yuji saying that he hasn't found a way to truly protect Shana and thats when SoF appeared.
Yuji technically didn't say that right in that part, but he did thought about ways to save Shana but not managing to find one in earlier parts. Yuji had even told Alastor once if what it takes to protect Shana is stopping the war between Flame Hazes and the denizens then he'll find a way to do it, even if Alastor treated it as a joke at the time. Alastor reacted in horror as Yuji's promise to save Shana ended up as foreshadowing of him allying with SoF and as their enemy in Vol16 Ch3.

Here's the Chinese version from Vol14 Ch3, where Yuji is taken by the SoF:


SoF showed up and offered Yuji what desired the most, saying Yuji is the only human worthy to be his partner.

Yuji was taken without given a chance to refuse, but in Vol16 Ch3, Yuji stated he accepted SoF's offer to an alliance, so he can save Shana from the fate of all other Flame Hazes who live out their lives as nothing but tools of the Kings of Fuzes as they fight the denizens, and dying in the process with ultimately nothing changing as the world continues to be devoured.

SoF's convinced Yuji his revival as the Creator God and the creation of a new world are the best way to save Shana, and Yuji agreed.
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