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Originally Posted by OmniDragon View Post
If someone could translate the chinese that would be great.

What novel did Yuji say that to Alastor?

I wonder if Yuji knew SoF was the leader of Bal Masque when he agreed. Yuji really shouldn't agree to people who just pop up outta nowhere so easily. Especially when they take you away against your will. I guess when Shana finally reaches through to Yuji she will have to convince him that SoF's plans are not good.
Translating into English from any language seems to be impossible. Whoever had the license asked BakaTsuki to stop and the project's been cancelled.

As for what novel... it's been ages since I've read that bit, so it'll take a while before I find it. Hope you can wait a day or two while I go flip through the novels again ^^;

And Yuji knew exactly who he was dealing with when he signed up. The Epilogue of Vol14 shows Bel Pore (the three eyed woman) welcoming back Yuji as SoF to their castle.
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