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Originally Posted by Beri270T3 View Post
I am a fan of Geld, Gregor, and His Grace. In a way though I actually see Prince Maximilian as a sort of anti-hero, but that's just my perception of him.

Given the names of the various Darc characters I think only Wavy is the one I've tracked down. Wafi, I think is the closest and its supposed to be Arabic. That could mean anything though and that his family grew up with heavier Arabic influence or his father's friend was named Wafi.

And as for the aces, some I'd regard as different characters. It isn't out of place that Lieutenant or Captain Nonnenkopf are the same person, but that's of course if the latter isn't a naval infantry officer considering his assignment to Marberry. All the times they show up as well as the character named Luther in the DLC it may be they're a pretty big and possibly minor noble clan. Out of all the aces though I think only Matz the Cleaner is the one I like.
Really? I don't know Luther is in the DLC. But I've not played it for a while, so someday I'll play it again. About Darc names -- hmm... OK, I'll keep in that mind, so I will try to find something. Thanks. =) Ooh. What did it make you view Max as an anti-hero prince? I don't see him that way, but I give that prince some credit for something. I'm interested to know what you think of him as an anti-hero character. Please do!

Also -- about ace enemies. You're probably right about some ace enemies, with the same title, may be different persons. But I think the creators of VC may have their own reasons to re-place same aces in different locations -- to me, they suggests us that aces are not different characters. But if they are not, then why did creators give the same names to some of their characters? That is what I think... *shrugs?* So I don't know.

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