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I'm sorry but I'll have to reiterate that you are unilaterally concluding that everything supernatural is magic. I'll say it once again:"magic" has a precise meaning in Umineko, in order to avoid confusion you shouldn't use it in its widespread meaning.
Well, just so we can be clear about this whole thing instead of just talking in circles, what would you say the specific definition of "magic" in Umineko actually is? Because from all the discussion they do about Maria's white magic and Beatrice's golden magic and Eva-Beatrice's black magic, along with the bit in Episode 8 about how it's easy to cast magic on others and believe in other people's magic, but hard to cast magic on yourself, I'd say that magic is pretty much just "anything that moves the human heart".

So from that perspective, I have no problem with calling Episode 8's last riddle "magic". Sure it's obviously sleight of hand, but it becomes magic by default when you accept the witch's feelings and intent.
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