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I'm sorry but I'll have to reiterate that you are unilaterally concluding that everything supernatural is magic. I'll say it once again:"magic" has a precise meaning in Umineko, in order to avoid confusion you shouldn't use it in its widespread meaning.

Provide a proof of single instance where it was stated that "red truth" = "magic", then we can talk.
None of what you quoted here has anything to do with the supernatural. I'm going to have to question your reading comprehension skills.

As for the Red Truth, it's "a power granted only to witches", which is pretty much magic in a nutshell. Moreover, it's something that gives "absolute certainty", which is a kind of magic. HERP DERP.

If I peek into the box and see that the cat is in fact dead, then close the box up and refuse to tell you my observation, there is no chance whatsoever that the cat will be alive when you check it.
Imagine how embarrassing that would be. "W-...why the fuck is that cat not dead?"
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