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Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post
I think Cinque is just genuine and earnest rather than naive. Luckily, all the girls seem to be likewise, which is why despite his rampant flag-setting, the closest thing to drama we see between them is Eclair's "SO JELLY" tsundere reaction, and that's played for comedy.
This. If either of them was anything more, they'd push harder to win said person over. Yet, all the girls seem fine with Cinque petting and hanging out with them all and even Becky, probably the closest thing he has to an actual girlfriend, is very open-minded and basically let's Cinque decide which skirt he wants to chase. And Cinque himself is too much of a good guy to take advantage of the situation (such as the scene with Noir).

And I will laugh heartily if Nanami/Gaul develops as a kind of genderflip of Cinque/Eclair (Sinclair?).
I'm pretty sure they will come to accept each other eventually. It'll probably take a lot of work and time, but it took Éclair a while to accept Cinque, so miracles have happened there.
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