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Yesss! This episode is exactly what I wanted to watch. It showed off more of the Fiore world and it's inhabitants along with the local wild life. We need more of this, but of course with a nice healthy does of story plot too.

I had a nagging itch in the back of my mind that our nameless dog samurai resembled another one of our cute cast. I guess there's always a bigger fish in the sea.

Princess Leo and Milhi are rather...silly. They truly have a sister's bond between them. I personally am not digging Leo's hairstyle at the end of this episode it just looked silly.

I wonder what other animal-human variation types are still left out there.
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Even in context, this scene can be interpreted in a whole lot of other ways....

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She looks...uh...very satisfied.

We need an episode full dedicated to the side characters. Violet, Rico, Vert, Leo's personal maid (i forget her name), the two male generals.
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