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Originally Posted by RWBladewing View Post
Welkin - I realize this is the anime poll and he's annoyingly air-headed in this version but I couldn't help but vote for him based on the game.

Alicia - See above but replace air-headed with tsundere, though she seems to have reverted to her more normal personality in the last few episodes.

Largo - A nice guy and pretty intelligent despite initially coming off as a jerk.

Radi - I actually really like how the anime has expanded upon his character. You get the impression he might have this personality from the game but you don't really see him enough to know for sure.
I think these are good points. I took the poll solely as the anime given the title of "(as of Episode 14)," but if I had to consider the game aspects then my list greatly expands.

Largo really is a good character. He has a little bit of haughtiness early on because of his experience, but you can tell that he pretty much doesn't have a problem with Isara after a very short time and is very quick to try and keep squad members from bickering. Given his age he's sort of like the grandfather of the squad. Him and his love interest are such an incredibly good couple, too (probably would be considered a spoiler so I won't say who).

And then, yes, Radi seems like a good character. I just passed over Jaeger's Blockade (Chapter 17) in my 2nd play through and his cutscene after the battle is really, really good. Definitely a likable enemy.
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