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I'll go by ranking.
Uber tier- Hans, Edelweiss. Hans would get more points if he were able to drive the Edelweiss/use its weapons but that'd be pure ownage; not even Selvaria would be able to top that combo in combat.
Top tier- Welkin cause I think he's pretty likeable even if from what I hear that the game version beats the anime version.
Middle tier- Alicia. She'd get more if I wasn't irritated by her character at certain points. Selvaria cause she doesn't get enough screen time (which isn't a fair point; I should just move her up)
Lower- Gregor. I admit, I like his character, but the reason why I placed him low is because he reminds me of a high school teacher who hated me and I hated him. Rest of the cast is here as well because not enough screen time to properly judge.
Bottom/loltier No one at the moment.
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