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Originally Posted by bizzi View Post
Yeah! Reminds me of this
Spoiler for railgun'd Kuroko:

Btw, about the tags:
[うち上げ](uchiage) and [激突] (gekitotsu) both indicate moves compatible with Unison Raids (there might be others but I don't think so)
uchiage moves send flying high upwards
gekitotsu ones send flying on the side (landing a UR hit with Mikoto as a partner, using Kuroko, is quite hard)

LOL, ooh Kuroko. And the scariest thing is that I can totally see that happening. Though its a wonder that Kuroko hasnt made any other significant advances to Mikoto since they share a room...well, atleast that neither Mikoto or we are aware of. (where'd I put that OFFICIAL art of Kuroko sitting on top of Mikoto in bed...?)

As for using Mikoto's Unison Raid playing as Kuroko I guess your best bet is to pin the enemy to the field's wall when you kick them into it using the Teleport Drop Kick or the Square, Square, Traingle combo.

*If by chance people were unaware of it you can pin your opponent to either the ground or the wall by pressing Triangle when they land against the surface, a perfect chance to either add on extra damage or to taunt*

Originally Posted by MrTerrorist View Post
I suspect what Mikoto has against Itsuwa is not about her breasts but a certain boy.
Hmmm, I havent thought of it that way.

I still cant find the last CG...though I did finally beat both Survival and Time Attack mode. And now that I have I think to myself how was it that I couldnt beat it before?...though I was fairly upset when I lost to Touma on the 27th match on one of my earlier attempts.

I just hate Touma so much....a guy who keeps saying that he's so "unfortunate" or "unlucky" even though he's seen all those girls undressing or in the shower...heck, even getting an accidental kiss or an accidental grope...damn you Touma, just damn you.
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