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Originally Posted by index87 View Post
i know this isnt a psp game but i thought some of you might be interested

it seams to be some sort of crosover promotion of sorts between games more information here
Yeah, apparently some Japanese MMORPG is working in collaboration with the "Toaru" series by giving out "Toaru" themed avatars and story based missions and whatnot.

Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Well, not sure where to post this but since it's game related... and since I'm a huge fanboy of Index and the Phantasy Star game franchise, here another crossover:
(O_O)As am I...but I didnt know the "Toaru" series was in the list of collaborations, though its not a huge surprise since the last one had some with "Fate/Stay Night", "Hatsune Miku", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and Pizza Hut. (in the JP version atleast, I dont know whats in the US version) I knew PSP2I had some with:

-Shining Hearts
-Sakura Taisen
-Twin Angel
-Border Break
-Senjyou no Valkryia 3

...yes, I said "KFC" as in Kentucky Fried Chicken. You get to play as the colonel.
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