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Glad it picked up where last week left off. Shirayuki sure has a dirty mind. Interesting that she's a chothei as well. Nice to see her back story, agree with Kinji that i would have pitied her.

Aria's statement about not being pregnant was great. What book was Aria reading? A least she got the point though. That cheer leading practice must have been hard on Kinji. So Shirayuki and her share a common enemy. Hopefully they can work together.

Shirayuki setting those traps was great. I usually don't like her type of character but i totally dig her, she's just too funny. That ending was just great, like how she wanted to even the score os she started stripping.

The big question is who was on the phone? I'm assuming it's that Durandal guy who's after her, but that voice...
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