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Couldn't stop laughing with Aria's misunderstandings on kissing. It was a finishing blow to Shirayuki though . Her father is something though. Though perhaps sadder that Aria actually believed that. Only after that did she decide to go an investigate where babies actually come from. Did Sex Ed get cut from the butei curriculum?

Anyways not a bad episode. Lot of focus on Shirayuki and her background. Plus set things up with another person who has helped set up Aria's mother so we can be assured some conflict before the end here.
Originally Posted by karuroso View Post
i tend to always be on the side of the childhood friends but damn here i get the feeling it will be just a useless struggle, i'm not reading the novels ( yet) but this series just seems to scream it will be an Aria ending D=

oh yeah it was awesome how the bgm changed when Kinji found the hazardous objects xD the comedy in this ep was very nice
Certainly does seem like a pretty useless struggle there. Also probably best for Kinji not to mention that their friendship got started because he pitied her. Does seem like he's comfortable keeping her within the childhood friend category. But really Shirayuki should be thanking Aria. If it wasn't for her then Kinji would be moving forward with leaving that school and there'd be good distance put between them.
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