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Originally Posted by Horse View Post
Load of bollocks - nobody who's seen traumend in full would be confused about Bara/Kirakishou. Kirakishou's appearance at the end of traumend was far more intriguing than this 2013 recap.

I'm so sick and tired of all this traumend hating. Both seasons of the first anime series had superior storytelling and character development to PEACH-PIT's stretched out clusterfuck/infodump approach. Yes, I said it.

tldr: Zuruckspulen is not a sequel to the old anime series. Unfortunately. The only thing they share is the character relationship chart.

PS. Whoever says the 2nd manga series started out as a reboot obviously isn't reading it.
That's weird...

I did watch it in full (and liked it a lot) four or five ears ago. Still only thing I remember about these two, is how much they are similiar...

BTW: I think that idea of two seasons be better for developing characters and story than one episode recap is brillant, I can't belive no one else noticed it yet! You should give yourself pat on your back.

PS: I personaly find this anime folowing original manga is only fair and interesting on top of that.
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