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Woah. What the heck guys. There's speed limit for plot! Going at this speed is reckless endangerment!

It's interesting that they chose to cover Rozen Maiden in a single episode to setup this series. Only one thing in particularly really popped out at me in terms of quality, and that was that Shinku's voice seemed to lack a certain tinge of authority that I recall her having previously. Maybe that' just because of the nature of this infodump, but hopefully that's not true in future episodes. Maybe it's just me? Beyond that the quality is pretty great.

The preview looked very interesting. I'm hopeful for when this show ACTUALLY STARTS.

Now for Ali Project. ... What the hell was that? I keep listening to this opening trying to figure out whether or not I can like it and I keep finding myself not. It's interesting, and I like the more lighthearted feel of the song as opposed to the normal Ali Project style, but the singing kills it for me a bit. At this point I think the song falls a bit flat, but I appreciate the attempt.
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