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Originally Posted by Red-Razor
Hi i'm new on this forum
i come from holland (that small country on the left side of germany :P)
my english isnt that good so sorry for that
You think that's a small country? ^^ I'm your neighbour, from Belgium

Hoy everyone, I'm a 19 year old (about one month away from being two decades old ) university student studying Sociology and Anthropology in Brussels. I like a lot of stuff, so listing it all here would be huh, but I'm going to make a summary : anime, manga, portrait photography, poetry, martial arts (I'm a judoka, and I practised Kung Fu and Tai Chi, although I don't have time atm), sci-fi (Star Wars, Stargate, "Foundation" books by Asimov, etc), Fantasy (LOTR, etc), Roleplaying (pen & paper, games workshop, video games), Programming (mostly websites, windows programming doesn't interest me anymore), Philosophy, Asian History/Culture/Language (I bought books to learn Japanese on my own because I couldn't get into classes, and I'm going to Japan in July!), Languages (I speak 5 perfectly and understand much more ^^), etc etc...

Oh, and on the side of things I'd want to know how to do, it's drawing manga-style (I even got myself a big Wacom tablet).

See you around people, I hope we get to know each other
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