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Magisterus Bad Trip

"Magisterus Bad Trip" is a web novel series by Kamachi Kazuma, of Index fame, and illustrated by Mahaya. It's hosted on Dengeki Bunko's Kakuyomu page (link) and is being translated by Js06 (link).

It's set in Money (Game) Master, the world's biggest online game. The game is about financial dealings and all illegal actions are allowed. Unlike many other such games, it has no level system: a player's strength is derived solely from their equipment. Money (Game) Master is extremely influential, to the point that snow (its virtual currency) has a value rivalling that of the dollar or yen.

The main character is Suou Kaname, a high school student and a Dealer (the term used for players of the game). He's skilled at driving, shooting and finance, able to earn 1.7 billion snow just in the prologue. The succubus on the cover is Tselika, a Magisterus (an AI guide and partner). If that name sounds familiar to you, this is the third time Kamachi has used the name for a character (though both of the previous ones were villains).

The aim of the story is apparently to obtain the Inheritance: the powerful equipment left by a legendary Dealer known as Criminal AO. This equipment is rumoured to break the rules of physics in the game, so everyone wants to get their hands on it.

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