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Kind of found it funny how they resolved the Mizore child situation. The solution was so simple. Let's just completely ignore it . I mean really at the end of the day that issue is still there. Seems they are willing to drop it for now after the overall danger has passed. But there is still that time line that is hanging over Mizore's head. She can't afford to be stuck in a harem that she isn't going to be allowed to win for too much longer.

Still one heck of a fight overall. Vampires are insanely powerful that's for sure. Pretty crazy as usual but that transforming arm was definitely bad news. Also a willingness to fight until she expires meant Moka would have been dead by the end of it. Oh well at least everyone got out of there in one piece. Still figures the bastard had to show up and save the group. Sure he put it in another way but that was the end result. Looks like there will be more chances to punch that guy in the future.

If they were after a sample has to be from Mizore. Wouldn't be surprised if the major motive for doing all of that was to get it. When she was unconcious wouldn't have been that difficult to get a sample of blood or whatever.
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