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Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
I wonder if inner Moka is capable of transforming like that as well and what she'd look like then.

Probably Mr. Bastard uses his kiss and touches to take DNA samples? Who's next Kurumu? Hmm...One thing is for sure, if the sisters go into a death match Moka would loose, half of Kalua is powerful enough to kill her sacrificing her own body to get a solid hit on Moka for the kill with her bats claws.

Also Jack Frost senses Moka and Tsukune has a destiny that will move the world which we all know 100% Moka x Tsukune is the end which is A-OK not unless it ends with Tsukune ending as a vampire lord that gets all the girls lol which is unlikely since he'll go for humanity rather than embracing something that will corrupt him forever.
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