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Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
This deserves a solid 8. As I said before, there were some episodes that I really, really like, but the ending was disappointing and some episodes were quite random/did not flow with the earlier episodes. I don't want to get into a big discussion with this also. I loved the Hinako episodes, as well as the "random" Shuu/Shuri "arc."
this is pretty much all I have to say too, altho I'll add I like Aoi-chwan too don't care what anyone says about her voice, the lass is a pure darling at heart.
I had friends at school with very similar voices and I learnt to deal with it. The option of not getting to know em wasn't there at my school but I'm a very patient person so it was not a problem.

I too am looking into ef, decided to check this out of boredom as I always do
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