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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Personally i love her attitide, very much so though i do understand that it's not one that everyone is going to enjoy like i do. It'll probably be one of the reasons a lot of people turn away from this show after the first episode.
Honestly I like sadistic type characters but I hate how they are generally portrayed in anime/manga. Instead them being smart, the characters around them are made stupider to allow them to get away with their antics. Rarely is any idea they come with in real life able to fool anyone who isn't mentally impaired. They often portrayed as friendless or close to friendless. Also the cliche ending of the girl (fake lesbian) needing to bring out the inner kindness of the sadist and change him for the better. Hopefully this series can avoid that sort of ending. The worst part is that they often portrayed as people who look down on others and don't realize how pathetic they themselves are. Just because you like to have a little fun at someone else expense doesn't mean you think you're better than them.

Sadists are portrayed usually as one dimensional characters, who are never given any real depth besides being a sadist. I, as a sadist resent this portrayal! As side characters they work fine mostly but as main ones they often too subject to this mold.
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