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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
I have a question about kuran kaname. He says at the end of episode 8 that he'd be happier if he were ACTUALLY born as Yuki's REAL brother...but he looks just like Kuran Haruka (yuki's dad)...What exactly is kaname? Is this a manga spoiler? Even so can someone tell me what his relationship with the people is? Who exactly is he? What does he mean he's an "ancestor" of the kuran clan? And that he was given power by rido? and thats why he can't kill rido?
Well it is hinted at in both the manga and the anime but I don't believe it outright stated anywhere. Here is the general theory I usually hear.
Spoiler for Just in case:

That I believe that is the general theory. Most of Kaname's past is shrouded in mystery and we will probably get more into it later on.
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