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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
Thanks...and would you say he's stronger than most purebloods? Because that's the vibe i get. As for Rido...what's up with him? IF he's haruka's brother...then why does he want pureblood even though he's already "resurrected" kaname? Isn't he a purebloood vampire himself? One LAST the anime completely caught up to the manga now? And how often does the manga come out? I started to follow, read chapter 45 last night...but i only see a 46...and i feel the anime is a bit ahead of 45..
Yes, Kaname is stronger than most as he is a Kuran who are the kings of the vampires. It's considered the purest of the vampire blood.
Spoiler for Just in case:

The anime is caught up with the manga but you can disregard episode 12 and 13 entirely. Things happen extremely different after that point from the manga so you might want to head back a few chapters. Probably to around Ch41 or so. There are only currently 46 chapters (plus 1 side story) out. 46 should leave you similar to where the last episode did.
Spoiler for ch46/ep13:
Though the events are vastly different on how it happens. The manga is a monthly and usually comes out around the 20-24th of each month.
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