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As for Beatrice, I honestly expected more evil looks like she had in the manga. Then again, if they intend to follow the first episode to the key then she won't even appear to us flesh and blood. But then again, they never follow through games to the key OTL That and Umineko episodes are super long, which leads me to wonder how they would cramp all that in within a span of 4 episodes (if it follows a similar format of arcs as the Higurashi anime did).
I really hope the anime won't follow the manga. The manga spoils way too much since the beginning giving that feeling that something horrible is definitely going to happen, while the game is more subtle about that. What i mean is the Battler in the game doesn't really feel there's something terrible lingering in the air (he just notices a few strange facts), while the Battler in the manga seems quite scared just looking at the epitaph.

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