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Originally Posted by marion
Episodes are about 24-30 minutes each, so it's close to 2 hours for each game. Someone who gets through the first episode of Umineko in 2 hours was surely pressing the 'S' key to fast forward through it.
At least it's faster to speak it than read it generally, and there won't be the descriptions of someone moving and that sort of thing so that at least makes the time gap between the game and anime a little shorter...

Originally Posted by saerianne
I don't like Beato's bottom half at all.
That and she doesn't look evil enough.
Beato's my favourite character ever, and I'm cosplaying her soon (making her as we speak/type).
I liked the others though. ^^ They'll look good animated I think.
But I'm definitely disappointed in Beatrice. D:
It's like she doesn't have a single layer of peticoats or hoopskirt anymore D: Where's the poof?
And, your Beatrice cosplay looks great =D
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