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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
aye... no disagreement that a good tutorial is needed for each class. The existing ones are mostly either out-of-date (from last summer's closed beta) or are still in Russian.
I thought it was pretty damn good. It starts you out in n00b tower, teaches you basic controls, makes you move around, fight some mobs, fight some bosses and you get little tips with instructions on what everything does; everything under that cinematic pretext. You then move to n00b island and more friendly quests to get you familiarized with the game and various quest types (escort, team, raid etc). I remember I would get instructions on warrior and summoner concerning the use of their special energy system and various game mechanics. As you progress you subsequently get quests to teach you other aspects of the game: there's this one quest where you are asked to buy some free cash shop items to complete it, another which teaches you how to work with runes, another that teaches you how to work with auction houses, various quests that require you to get certain crafting goods (a sort of social quest more like it), of course each crafting profession has its own crafting quest, another how to use power potions and so on... The NPCs you are directed to all have a "How To..." and "What is..." dialog as well which explains in detail what the function is and how it helps you. The rest/fatigue mechanic is explained for example by all goblins as a dialog option.

Well, I think you either disabled tips, didn't read the description on skills or just expect the game to just play itself for you; everything seems very straight forward and intuitive to me.
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