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Well, I think you either disabled tips, didn't read the description on skills or just expect the game to just play itself for you; everything seems very straight forward and intuitive to me.
You misunderstood me (almost to the point of being insulting). I think the basic game is incredibly straightforward if you read the instructions and read the quests. A lot of my annoyance with many players is that they don't *read* before they start asking questions they've just been supplied the answers to in the game.

Where players need help is in analysis of *how* to spend their talents and skills so they don't massively gimp their build or waste points in areas they don't need. Its really easy to make strategic mistakes (which, of course, means extra $$$$ for the game as people buy "reset" packages). Most of the guides and recommendations for building characters are out-of-date or done by neophytes themselves.

I was initially playing the euro server (I seem to encounter fewer 'tards on overseas servers in any MMO ... just my anecdotal experience) but the ping time was a bit of an issue. Aye... the tech support is basically non-existent. Even the American company only has like 5 or 6 people on the entire project, the Euro may have fewer. The dev team in Russia is completely separate and and are separately licensing it.

I'm using Vista 64 on my game machine so don't know what might be your hang up with the european client other than you're not able to acquire a "clean" set of installation files (fileplanet and some other game-download sites have been corrupting huge file transfers routinely for me... they don't verify the transmission. With the size of games lately, I wish games came in smaller chunks for DDL with hashcode verify). Outside of that, I'd suspect driver update issues.

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