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You misunderstood me (almost to the point of being insulting).
o_O; no comment
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Where players need help is in analysis of *how* to spend their talents and skills so they don't massively gimp their build or waste points in areas they don't need.
The game is based heavily on your initial 3 or 4 skills in your Talent Tree, regardless of which class you are playing. You don't need to pick one since all of them are given to you by the end of the first few tutorials. Subsequent skills tend either combo with them (Warrior), help and improve some combination of attacks you have with them (Mage), work based on them or are a variation on them (Healer) and so forth. As long as you can figure which way you want to go based on those initial skills you'll be fine. Rubies are best distributed to complement your play style, typically just search for a very useful skill in the ruby grid (each class has at least one) and aim to get it via a optimal route.

This game is like a puzzle, its not just pretty graphics and killing stuff (and pumping str or int ). The hole point is you figure out the puzzle in your own way.
Well if you need help just ask around...

ps. you sure edit your posts a lot
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