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Originally Posted by felix View Post
@ -KarumA-

Don't use a mirror. Or if you must try GamersHell, it never failed me yet.

But anyway if I were to guess, you're using Windows XP SP2? Or don't have drivers installed?
Win XP SP3, I downloaded it all from the official site but installing was no problem it was the updater in the launcher that was the problem.
It would be fine for about 5 minutes but then in my eventlog it would give out warnings about the max amount connections being overwritten and 1 minute later blue screen. There's nothing wrong with my pc, everything is up to date.

The most annoying thing about it all is if I download and install the American one and use their launcher updater nothing happens, no warnings in the connection nor a blue screen, it is only limited to the European version. I had been playing on the American servers for days beforehand with no trouble at all. I've seen other people having this problem as well, but tech support merely ignores them and doesn't do anything.. Tech support on Allods EU comes to the forum like once every two weeks and only responds to the newby or I am stuck posts

I'd rather play the American one than the EU one
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