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Originally Posted by delita-umw- View Post
Question though, have we ever found out who is older between Jessica and Battler?
No, we didn't. It is possible that Battler is older, it is just as possible that he is a bit younger.

Originally Posted by delita-umw- View Post
What if: we can trust Natsuhi's narrative but only to a certain extent. For example, she really did receive a child from Rudolph but not in the timing that she describes. Furthermore the real reason she killed the child was because she found out she was pregnant with Jessica. Other Battler problem solved?
Battler and Jessica are both 18 years old. The baby is supposedly from "19" years ago. So is Rosa's story about Beatrice-2. For Natsuhi's baby to be completely factual and the Other Battler to be that baby, Our Battler has to be almost a year older than his stated age, because of all people, his birthday is precisely known. It is sort of possible for Natsuhi to become pregnant with Jessica at the time.

It all looks similar but still doesn't correctly fit together.
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