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Originally Posted by tkdtiger View Post
I agree it's hard to balance the two...Reviews for Star Trek online I think proved this point...many have said it was like having 2 MMO's placed together that didn't mesh well. STO has made some more improvements, but the game to me still feels like it's lacking the exploration feel...

I hope the Old Republic can find a good balance between the two.
The contrast between the two is too large. Space combat controls a single ship in an open instance, allowing players to join and leave, with quick combat that requires quick thinking and reflexes (especially in the weak-armored escort). Ground combat is a closed instance clusterfuck where you control 4 nearly useless goons and try to whittle down the healthbars of dozens of enemies. And with phasers being phasers, ground combat is anything but fast.

Fortunately, ground combat in TOR is quite fast, so no fears there.

Originally Posted by Firefly00 View Post
I'm not sure how well that would mesh with the rest of the game, but the X-Wing/TIE Fighter subfranchise has, in my opinion, been left to rot for too long; why LucasArts has let that happen is sort of beyond me.
Space sims died. With the popularity of space sims plunging, Lucasarts didn't bother trying to make another X-wing. A smart move, in my opinion, though with the genre slowly climbing back on its feet, who knows what will happen.
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