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Would Bioshock fits your interests? It has a dark atmosphere, though I wouldn't call it horror, but it is pretty heavy on, shall we say, story involvement. Many conflicting emotions to be had among the usually boneheaded mainstream nerd gamers with the Little Sisters and their plight on that one and its sequel.

As for a more traditional PC RPG, you don't have the Neverwinter Nights franchise listed. Personally, most of the franchise campaigns are too generic to care for (though if you get by with TES Oblivion's "story"...). Two exceptions though: the Hordes of the Underdark expansion for the first NWN is pretty good, while the first expansion for NWN2, Mask of the Betrayer, blew me away. Think KOTOR 2 with magic for that one, same lead writers I think -- unfortunately it has the same "rushed/unfinished" flaw at the end like KOTOR2, albeit not nearly as fatally. And there are always mods, it's a franchise that's meant to transplant D&D RPG gaming onto the PC after all, and the "successor" Dragon Age modding tools are simply outright less useable by far.

I can also recommend a criminally overlooked dark RPG title in Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Troika's last and greatest work. It has a gripping story, amazing dialogue and voice acting (play Malkavian for the lulz), sexy vampires, and the bugs and instability which plagued its early releases have long since been purged by the community unofficial patch. It could be hard to find though what's with the company being bankrupt and all, though there's always...other means of acquisition if you do not have issues with that.

And if you don't mind...age and gameplay limitations...there's always the legendary classic Bioware titles Baldur's Gate (II: Shadows of Amn at least, the first title was less good) and Planescape: Torment. And Fallout 1 and 2, since you've played 3 and all. But you said they shouldn't be too old, so I guess they're out.

Oh and do play Fallout 3: New Vegas if you haven't already.

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Oh totally forgot about Witcher. Read mixed reviews about it, saying that 1st one is very buggy is that true or patches fixed that?
The Witcher Enhanced Edition/Director's Cut fixed most of the problems and made it into a much more polished game. So yes, they fixed it.

I don't know about the state of the second title. I hear good reviews though, but then you can read them yourself too...
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